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Orbitax Audit Tracker

A complete solution for audit and global tax controversy tracking
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A complete solution for audit and global tax controversy tracking. Built in automation for collaboration with disparate internal and external stakeholders, language translation, tax research and workflow management geared to due dates.

The challenge is daunting for in house tax departments to track and manage myriad global tax controversies – country level income tax, transfer pricing and withholding tax, state, province and local taxes, property taxes, employment taxes, social taxes, excise and other special taxes. How do you keep track of tax administration inquiries and response due dates, while ensuring global consistency in your responses, timely compliance… and avoid unnecessary penalties and interest?

Orbitax Audit Tracker can help: with built in automation for collaboration with disparate internal and external stakeholders, language translation, tax research and workflow management geared to due dates.

Anyone with more than a few weeks experience on an in-house tax team recognizes the complexity of managing responses to the challenges myriad tax jurisdictions your company will inevitably face – country level, state or province, employment and social, property, and other taxes. And, we all know that every tax authority in every jurisdiction today is looking for ways to increase their tax revenues, to pay for the various programs they have enacted to serve their constituencies. Your company’s tax obligations will doubtless come under scrutiny, and you need a way to manage oversight of the various enquiries, collaborate with stakeholders (internal or external), and ensure timely responses that are consistent with your global tax policy.


The Orbitax Audit Tracker is the automated, cloud-based tool that meets all your needs in one platform:

  • a web based, reliable means of collaborating amongst internal stakeholders so your team can load all inquiries the minute they happen and afford you time to mount a defence,
  • automation of workflows to formulate responses via the E.A.T. tool to quickly set up deliverables and due dates among the right responders and reviewers,
  • document storage so you always have the most recent information available,
  • document translation – from original language to the language of the reviewers or contributors, when you need it most,
  • analytics to allow you top side views of all tax controversies globally, so you can effectively manage responses and mitigate tax risk exposures,
  • tax research for 195 countries to support your tax positions taken on returns

Automated Workflow Management

Time is of the essence when it comes to responding to any tax authority inquiry. Equally important is ensuring the response provided is consistent with your company’s tax policy – be it income tax, employment and social taxes, special taxes such as excise or other special purpose taxes, or sales, use and VAT / consumption taxes. Facilitating global consistency in responses, while also avoiding additional assessments, penalties and interest revolves around a good workflow management process – which can be completely automated with the Orbitax E.A.T. workflow tools, relieving you of time-consuming emails, reminders and phone calls to prod stakeholders into providing the necessary information.

Centralized, Controlled Document Storage & Translation

Ever receive a tax notice in another language, with a 7 day turn around, and waste valuable time getting a good translation? The Orbitax Audit Tracker tool provides a built-in translation tool to quickly provide a machine translation, with certified translation available upon request (additional fee applies, as well as time). Documents are stored in areas accessible to internal and external stakeholders as you designate (including walled off confidential / privileged areas) for quick review, with version history for edited documents.

Clean “At a Glance” UI displaying relevant data points for each controversy, plus top side customizable analytics of all tax inquiries.

The key to managing tax controversies is combining the detailed information you need with top side insights – broken down into the categories you want to see. The user interface of the Orbitax Audit Tracker has been designed to give you quick access to the myriad details of each inquiry (country, entities, audit types and topics via customizable #tags, due dates, statute expirations, status, documentation and information requests, assessment proposals, settlements, litigation and closing details)… and… provide you with top side customizable analytics screens powered Microsoft Power BI to track due dates, penalty and exposure risks, and any other attribute you deem important. The solution provides default, built in analytics, and allows you to customise analytics to meet your specific needs.

Supercharge with E.A.T.

The Audit Tracker can be supercharged with the Orbitax Executable Actions Tool (E.A.T.) which allows you to create, share and execute custom business processes based on conditional steps and actions. E.A.T. will allow you to create a workflow for each Audit Case, per sub-stage, where you can include various actions such as the various document collection, data gathering and review stages. This workflow will be automatically maintained and distributed to stakeholders to make sure tasks are completed on time, every time.

Powerful Collaboration Tools

Add any Orbitax solution license to receive a host of complimentary powerful tools to integrate with your daily workflow...
Dashboard & Analytics

Get an overview of various data elements being maintained on the Orbitax platform including footprint data and data from the Orbitax Tax Rules & Rates Database. Powered by Microsoft Power BI.

Contacts & Chat

Import your list of contacts into Orbitax, assign roles and permissions, and chat with individuals or create custom groups to discuss data population, filing obligations and anything in between.

Video Meetings

Use the built-in Orbitax Meet feature to start or schedule a video meeting with members from your Orbitax Contacts list. Arrange meetings, share your screen and save meeting recordings to the Orbitax Drive.

Document Repository

Secure document storage and management for all your tax documentation, files and meeting notes. Boost your file storage premium features available with the Orbitax Drive.

Task Manager

Assign tasks and timelines to various stakeholders, including checklists, attachments, comments, custom alerts and more. Monitor and manage all tasks from the powerful Task Manager dashboard.

Activity Tracker

Automatically monitors and displays all activity across your Orbitax projects, including when users log in, change/upload data, along with timestamps and ability to generate comprehesive audit reports.