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Simplify international tax tasks with trusted research and market-leading technology.


The Orbitax International Tax Platform combines an extensive, trusted tax law database with powerful calculation, reporting and workflow tools for international tax professionals. Multinational enterprises must stay up to date with today’s international tax laws and regulations which have never changed at a faster rate. The demands for transparency and timely responses are steadily increasing, driven by the efforts of governments to expand their tax base. Save time and simplify your international tax research and compliance process with easy access to an extensive tax law database within the Orbitax International Tax Platform.

It’s essential to know how your international tax workflows are progressing and spot trends to share easily with stakeholders and advisors. Generate valuable insights from your company’s data and send customizable reports at the click of a button with the Orbitax International Tax Platform. Choose from selection tools which work flexibly together to maintain total oversight over tax department tasks and achieve global tax compliance.

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How it works


Easy access to tax research

Powered by a global tax rules engine, access in-depth coverage of the tax rules and tax rates of 195 countries which are maintained and updated daily so you always have access to up-to-date information.

Powerful workflows

Keep track of all tax department tasks worldwide including entities and cross border transactions with the power of automation. Design custom workflows to suit your existing processes, ensure tasks are completed on time, and avoid the risk of non-compliance.

Seamless collaboration

Your tax department, non-tax department, and even outside tax advisors across the globe can stay connected, work flexibly together, and keep track of each other’s progress. Achieve the ultimate goal of visibility by everyone into changes to your company’s global footprint.

Powerful Collaboration Tools

Add any Orbitax solution license to receive a host of complimentary powerful tools to integrate with your daily workflow...
Dashboard & Analytics

Get an overview of various data elements being maintained on the Orbitax platform including footprint data and data from the Orbitax Tax Rules & Rates Database. Powered by Microsoft Power BI.

Contacts & Chat

Import your list of contacts into Orbitax, assign roles and permissions, and chat with individuals or create custom groups to discuss data population, filing obligations and anything in between.

Video Meetings

Use the built-in Orbitax Meet feature to start or schedule a video meeting with members from your Orbitax Contacts list. Arrange meetings, share your screen and save meeting recordings to the Orbitax Drive.

Document Repository

Secure document storage and management for all your tax documentation, files and meeting notes. Boost your file storage premium features available with the Orbitax Drive.

Task Manager

Assign tasks and timelines to various stakeholders, including checklists, attachments, comments, custom alerts and more. Monitor and manage all tasks from the powerful Task Manager dashboard.

Activity Tracker

Automatically monitors and displays all activity across your Orbitax projects, including when users log in, change/upload data, along with timestamps and ability to generate comprehesive audit reports.