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Executable Actions Tool (E.A.T.)

Automated workflows based on any recurring tax or business process
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Create, share and execute custom business processes and tax workflows based on conditional steps and actions

Orbitax E.A.T. is a game changer for managing tax department workflows. Create your own completely custom workflows based on any recurring business process, regardless of complexity, and assign to specific stakeholders to complete by a certain date.

The E.A.T. solution will automatically notify stakeholders, provide the step-by-step requirements, execute the required actions automatically or by bringing in the assigned stakeholders to the relevant screens to perform the actions manually and monitor the progress based on due dates to ensure the workflows are completed correctly and on time. The workflow, once setup, can be automatically maintained and distributed to stakeholders at pre-set frequencies.


Design End-to-End Workflows

Use the intuitive drag-and-drop interface to build your desired workflow from start to end. Choose from various actions ranging from sourcing data, transforming data, applying tax rules, generating reports, reviewing data, distributing reports and establishing API connections to other third-party solutions and tax authority e-filing portals.

Customize Your Workflows

Each action in your workflow can be fully customized, including conditions on when the action should trigger, due dates for when the action should be completed, ability to assign stakeholders or dynamic roles, and provide checklists and documentation to help users complete each action and much more.

Automate Your Workflows

Orbitax E.A.T. can intelligently automate your workflows by distributing the required tasks on a recurring basis, involving stakeholders based on dynamic roles and conditions, and includes built-in logic to automatically adjust for law changes and changes in MNE footprint.

View Detailed Analytics

Keep on top of the progress of your E.A.T. workflows with detailed analytical visuals (powered by Microsoft Power BI) including overview of active, complete and upcoming workflows, workflows by due date, workflows by assigned stakeholder and more. Create custom analytic views and send analytical reports to stakeholders.

Powerful Collaboration Tools

Add any Orbitax solution license to receive a host of complimentary powerful tools to integrate with your daily workflow...
Dashboard & Analytics

Get an overview of various data elements being maintained on the Orbitax platform including footprint data and data from the Orbitax Tax Rules & Rates Database. Powered by Microsoft Power BI.

Contacts & Chat

Import your list of contacts into Orbitax, assign roles and permissions, and chat with individuals or create custom groups to discuss data population, filing obligations and anything in between.

Video Meetings

Use the built-in Orbitax Meet feature to start or schedule a video meeting with members from your Orbitax Contacts list. Arrange meetings, share your screen and save meeting recordings to the Orbitax Drive.

Document Repository

Secure document storage and management for all your tax documentation, files and meeting notes. Boost your file storage premium features available with the Orbitax Drive.

Task Manager

Assign tasks and timelines to various stakeholders, including checklists, attachments, comments, custom alerts and more. Monitor and manage all tasks from the powerful Task Manager dashboard.

Activity Tracker

Automatically monitors and displays all activity across your Orbitax projects, including when users log in, change/upload data, along with timestamps and ability to generate comprehesive audit reports.