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Orbitax is committed to providing high value, low cost tax research, management & planning solutions.
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Orbitax delivers extensive international tax practice experience of Orbitax team members and partners through easy to use software. We recognize that international tax work is complex, and must be done by trained professionals.

Our tools are designed to help tax professionals reduce time/effort on repetitive, routine tasks, carry out exhaustive research, use templates of tried and tested tax strategies and explore scenarios, enabling large productivity gains.


Don Chung, Esq.

In Memoriam
1962 –2021

Gratian Joseph

Co-founder, CEO

Dali Bouzoraa, Esq.

President of Orbitax Research Center

Jonathan Lysenko, Esq.

President of Orbitax Tax Quantification and Planning Division

Hasan Shahriar Masud

Chief Technology Officer

Tammy MacLean

Global Vice President of Client Services

Carol Chamberlin, CPA

Managing Director, BEPS/Transfer Pricing Division

Bianca Kuijper

Chief Operating Officer